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  1. Oh she's precious and I love her name! Congrats! The blankie is pretty too!
  2. Oh I'm glad you got it back - what a treasure!
  3. I made that afghan in loden green - I made it for myself and its my fave! Yours is beautiful - love the color!
  4. very very cute!! and very sweet of you to donate!
  5. Wow - really neat and will make a lovely pillow
  6. Very cute - thanks for the pattern!
  7. ellebee

    Cat tunnel

    Cool cat toy! Mine would love it! Did you make it without the wire rings? Wonder if it would stay open well without them. I think I'll be making a few of these for my cat lover friends for Christmas!
  8. Very pretty poncho - love the color and texure (and a very cute little girl you have!!)
  9. ellebee

    wedding afghan

    Very pretty - I love her patterns!
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