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  1. Skeeter in TX


    Apak - these are sooo nice! So intricate. How do you make the rings?
  2. Skeeter in TX

    Why does my PW only work on mobile?

    I ever since I joined in January, I’ve been unable to login from my laptop. Despite multiple resets, my PW is not accepted online but works fine on my mobile. Please help! I’m missing out on so much! Thank you, Skeeter in TX
  3. Skeeter in TX


    Hi Villager (Mary Jo)! Nice to meet you!
  4. So glad to find this was re-posted. I got a dead link from 2009 when I first signed in.
  5. Skeeter in TX


    Hi Texas T - what part of Texas are you in? I'm new here on this site too. Hoping to learn advanced crochet skills and expand my repertoire.
  6. Skeeter in TX

    Holiday, Seasonal, and Misc. Potholders and Baby Items

    Your work is stunningly beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Love the elephant baby blanket. Is there a pattern for that?
  7. Skeeter in TX


    Hi Everyone! My screen name is 'Skeeter in TX'. New to the site. I learned to crochet in high school many years ago, was big into baby blankets and afghans. I picked up my needles again a couple years ago to make squares for an afghan project for orphans in an African village and purple hats for Shaken Baby Syndrome awareness. I'd like to learn how to make other things, so hoping to learn from all the pros on this site.