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    Hats, scarves, afghans, baby blankets, etc
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  1. Debbie K

    Vintage yarn

    Thank you both!!!
  2. Debbie K

    Vintage yarn

    I have searched and searched for a skein of Caron DazzleAire in Teaberry Ombre (2678). I'm working on a pullover sweater and just need enough for two rows on a sleeve and to stitch it together. If anyone has a skein or more to sell I would gladly buy it! Thank you in advance! Comment here or emailme at bearwilson.57@gmail
  3. Read and agreed 😊
  4. Debbie K


    I’m happy to find a like-minded group of crafters! My name is Debbie. I’ve been crocheting for a long time. I actually stumbled across this forum while trying to find a specific yarn. Discontinued and sold out on eBay 😕 but the thread was interesting so here I am