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  1. It’s for my daughter. I checked it goes around her neck. I didn’t check over her head, but it has buttons at the back. The stitches are correct. I agree it looks ruffled. I thought it’s because my initial chain was too tight. Folded in half the edges sort of point up. Does that mean it’s wrong?
  2. I’m trying to make a dress and it seems a bit gathered at the neck. Is my foundation chain too tight? Should I start again or will it be ok? (Hoping it will be ok). Also attached is what it’s meant to look like.
  3. Thanks. So the 115 mentioned in the pattern is wrong?
  4. Hi granny square. Thanks for that. My original calculations were like yours, but then I came up with 105 stitches at round 21. Is that what you would think?
  5. Hi, I’m new to crochet and am trying the attached pattern. No matter what I do I can’t seem to come up at 115 stitches in round 21. There are no stitch counts given for the previous rows! Maybe if someone could fill in some of the intermediate rows it would help. How many stitches should there be after rounds 3, 4, 5? Does the slip stitch count as a stitch. I think not (based on rounds 22 and 23 that aren’t shown here).
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