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  • Birthday 09/14/1971


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    Debbie Kindle
  • Biography
    I'm a mother, grandmother, wife, and a brain injury survivor, among other things. I have always been "crafty", but needlepoint and embroidery were always my forte. I decided to pick up a new hobby, by attempting to teach myself to crochet. Not very good, as of yet 🤣 I keep dropping stitches. I'll get there. Waiting for a couple of how to books and some more supplies to arrive. I don't have anyone to teach me the ins and outs, as my mom passed away years ago.
  • Location
    Lancaster, SC
  • Interests
    Houseplants, coloring, reading, cooking, and craft stuff in general.
  • Occupation
    Domestic engineer 😂
  • How long have you been crocheting?
    Just started learning in earnest, so, I am a relative newbie.
  • Favorite things to crochet
    Just starting to learn to crochet more than a chain 😱. Want to crochet afghans
  • Favorite Hook
  1. I decided to teach myself how to crochet. My mom was an avid at crocheting, but, unfortunately I didn't learn from her before she passed away. Never learned much more than a chain 🤣 though, am slowly getting better.
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