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  1. Jackmeister

    Doily question

    It didn’t smooth out as much as I was hoping, but it still turned out pretty. ☺️
  2. Jackmeister


    My second doily! ☺️
  3. Jackmeister

    Doily question

    I’m just not used to the pre-blocked ruffles. That’s why I haven’t done doilys before. Thank you 😊
  4. Jackmeister

    Doily question

    I’m still new to making doilys, this is my second one ever. I know most of the tension issues will be resolved in blocking, but it still looks weird.... Is it supposed to look this ruffled?
  5. Jackmeister


    Finished my first doily! So happy with the results. ☺️
  6. Jackmeister

    Foundation chain too tight?

    The neck line/collar looks good to me. (sometimes folding it in half makes a difference) 😉 The pattern image looks to have a little gathering at the beginning too. Blocking might help, but the weight of the dress itself should also smooth everything out.
  7. Jackmeister

    Blocking blankets

    It is frustrating when you feel defeated by a pattern. I agree with Granny square, sometimes you have to put it down and come back to it. But that is also how we learn new techniques. If it was easy everyone would be doing it 😜
  8. Jackmeister

    C2C tails

    I personally prefer to weave in the tails when they end, then crochet over them for added security to make sure they don’t come out. At the beginning you can weave them into the chain up stitches then over the top of the next row.
  9. Jackmeister

    Tablecloth doily

    You may want to look up how to read crochet diagrams.
  10. Jackmeister

    Reply issues

    I am new to crochetville and I was trying to provide some assistance to other villagers. But I can’t find the link to reply to posts that have 0 replies ... am I missing something?
  11. Jackmeister

    Presenting ... another new person

    The tank is from a pattern, found it on Ravelry. 😊
  12. Hello Crochetville! I am a self taught crochet enthusiast since high school. I have been making baby blankets, potholders, and amigurami critters for coworkers. I’ve recently started making doilies. I am excited to find a crochet community I can ask if I’m doing something correct! So much easier than trial and error 😉