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  1. That’s weird... I typed a response but apparently forgot to post it. Or my phone was being weird and lost it in process... Yes, I decided to stop at the edge of the flowers. I’m personally not a fan of that much filler chain stitches. I think she will love it too. ☺️ Thank you for all your help with this annoying doily.
  2. Pre-stretch puckering.... doesn’t look that bad
  3. One final dry stretch to test out the final floral edging design/tension....
  4. lol - that must have been a fun trip! Octopuses/Octopi ? 🤔 either way they are amazing creatures!
  5. It looks like a starfish on the move. But I’m almost finished! Im done ripping this one apart 😉
  6. Lol! I’m still new, so maybe I’m not cruel enough. 😜
  7. I did a dry stretch to see if the edge cupping will disappear. I’m seeing a few chain stitches that are extra strained that I’ll have to go back a few rows to relieve some pressure.
  8. I’m mostly making round doilies, still counting the ones with “scalloped” edges. In theory the hooks will be of variable distances to clip to the doily then pulled to the correct tension. The hooks won’t be attached the the hoop so they can be used where needed for as many or as few as needed. It’s still in the plotting stages of the brain and having adjustments made thanks to our conversation. I think I’ll still get the mat from amazon, then continue to develop the doily torture device. I’ll make a new sthread when that gets started to share the different versions. 😊
  9. I didn’t think about the moisture with cork board, (brain was thinking it works for wine 😜) but it’s pretty cheap without the frame. For the fabric, I was going to get the super strength sharpie marker and run it through the washer to avoid bleeding. Or an iron on 🤔 ... ooh, draw on the adhesive side of stiff pellon, then iron it to the fabric. Bleeding contained! (in theory) I was also considering making my own round doily torture rack. Hooks around a hoop and some way to pull it open. But do doilies stretch okay by only pulling the outside border, or do they block better with 2-3 rounds of pins (depending on size of course)? Im starting to like the collapsibility of that amazon option. Just debating if it’s worth $30, or the time to assemble alternate ideas/inventions.
  10. Yes the pins are rust proof, the mats claim to be a durable foam... not sure how ridged they are. one user did claim it to have some self healing properties. The advantage is they are 12” individually and can be assembled as needed depending on the project Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KCHHHRQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ i was debating on the one made for blocking or just getting a large cork board. I was going to draw on fabric to cover the cork so the pins and water don’t mess it up over time.
  11. I ended up taking a 3 rows out to add an extra chain stitch to reduce the cupping... I’ll be happy to torture this doily upon completion! I have been putting the doily with a load of laundry and pull it out before going in the dryer. Using that moisture I pin it to the cardboard box without adding any more to it. The first doily I was able to stretch with no issue, the second probably needed more stretch than I put on it. But I was afraid the cardboard wouldn’t be strong enough to hold the pull from the pins. This one will need a good torture rack to get a good stretch. Since I’m new to doilies (and blocking) I figured get an inside opinion on the best method for full stretching on these. Here’s what I found on amazon that I’m considering buying, I’d like your opinion on it.
  12. It cupping again!! 😥 would that block out? I’m only using pins in cardboard. What blocking/stretching method are you using?
  13. I’m happier with it ☺️
  14. thankfully this project is for my sister so it’ll be in her house and I won’t see it often enough as a reminder of how annoying it was 😜 note to self on future doilies: stick with pineapple patterns and avoid ones with excessive dc designs
  15. Sorry for the delay in updating.... life kinda took over for a little while. ☺️
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