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  1. Brenda, thank you so much for your help with this pattern. You made it simple enough I could understand and get through the problem. I'm well on my way to having this bunny completed for my newest Great Granddaughter. Thank you again. Shirley
  2. I am making the Bernat Crochet Velvet Bunny. I have completed the legs and they have been stuffed but not fastened off. I am now to start on the body and I am having difficulty understanding the 1st round instructions. It reads as follows: ch1. 1 sc in each of next 7 sc (What sc?) 1 sc in first sc of first leg. 1 sc in each sc of first leg around. 1 sc in each of rem 12 sc of Second leg. Join. Can you help make this clearer to me. I appreciate the help, thank you.
  3. Thank you for the help. I will work on this.
  4. I was browsing for help when I found it and promptly joined.
  5. Hello, I am crocheting a cape called “The Snow Charming cape. I am not a newbie at crocheting and usually don’t have a problem with a pattern. I am having difficulty understanding how parts are written.Row 3: Ch 2 dc in first stitch,[2 dc in next stitch, bpdc in next st] 11 times, 2 dc in next stitch, dc in last stitch; turn (37 st)This is actually how it is written. My problem is how to interpret the last part of the instructions. What do you do between the two dc in same stitch and the last dc? There are always stitches in between. I appreciate any suggestions.Sincerely Shirley McLain
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