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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
  2. Thanks again for your time.
  3. I think we're working on the same thing. Only in my book it's called Soft Camisole & it's item 11 on page 51. I too had a heck of a time finding that beg ch 3. But I think I found it & did ok 'til we got to marking shells. Where'd you start from & which direction did you go to find 2nd, 10th & 17 shells? Then it tells you to start the left cup in the 5th shell. Again - which shell is considered the 1st? I'm also having trouble with the straps (all clusters), the brass ring between the cups & the belt or cord. Don't have any cotton yarn so had to use regular. As such 4 pieces 25 yards long is too long & too many pieces. I tried it w/ 2 & it's still thicker than one in pic but it works.
  4. dmleforce

    Soft Camisole

    I got this book called "I taught myself to crochet". Don't know why they have anything intermediate in it but they do. I started the Soft Camisole - item 11 on page 51. And now I'm stuck. I handled the belt loop row & below fine. I even handled part of the top. But after that they're saying to "mark the 2nd, 10th & 17th shells". From where do you start counting to get to the 2nd, 10th & 17th shells? Then we have the left side cup & the right side cup. Left when facing it or wearing it? And the left cup says start in the 5th shell. 5th shell from where? The straps are made w/ cluster stitches. They could use more instructions & diagrams for that. Same thing for the brass ring you're supposed to place between the cups. Finally there's the belt or "cord". This pattern calls for cotton yarn which I didn't know when I started. I just used regular yarn. As a result cutting 4 pieces 25 yards long is too long & 4 strands is too many. I used 2 & it still appears thicker than the one in the pic but it'll work. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. My name's Dawn. I'm a Taurus. And I love anything artsy fartsy. Learned to crochet a couple of things when I was a kid but my uncle divorced the aunt who taught me & I haven't been a kid for a looooonnnnnggggg time. I have since seen those cute barbie's with the dresses that go over a toilet paper roll & wanted to learn how to make them. Around Aug of last year a now ex-neighbor lady taught me. After that I jumped on YouTube & I've been making one thing after another ever since.
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