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  1. Kw82


    I wanted to know if anyone knows if there is an inexpensive way to buy yarn to make afghans?
  2. I don't know what kind of yarn this is or what I can crochet with it.
  3. I want to crochet her something but not sure what. Was thinking of slippers but I'm not sure what pattern to use. I didn't want then square and I am fairly new hat crochet. I wanted them to cover the ankle. I have some red heart super saver yarn. Its not for any reason other than she's the best!
  4. Thank you. After looking I decided to use a pattern I had before. Just checking my guage to see what adjustments to make. It was going well until my 14 year old started talking to me and made me lose count so starting over 😀. It looks really nice too. It is for my husband so I am trying to be extra careful. I even measured his head.
  5. Kw82

    Wrong size beanie

    Ok thank you.😀
  6. I found this beanie and love it but I want to start from the top and work down. She uses 2 skeins at once because it is 1 weight yarn. Any suggestions? I would wven do different stitches if I could find another pattern with the 2 skiens. Kim
  7. Kw82

    Wrong size beanie

    They wnd up something like this. The last one I undid was really wide at the bottom. I wanted to do one with a small flower. I used the lion ice cream brand.
  8. How did you get your beanie to turn out right? I have had a lot of trouble trying to make a regular beanie for my 3 year old.
  9. Kw82


    My name is Kim and I think I have the basics to crochet just need to work on my tension.
  10. Kw82

    Wrong size beanie

    I have tried 3 different patterns for beanies and they all come out too big and end up going out at an angle. I don't know why. Trying to make beanie for my 3 yr old daughter. Then matching slouch beanie for my 9 month old and husband.
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