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  • Birthday 04/29/1994

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    Hi there I'm Jenna! I'm an aspiring crochet designer with my own blog and everything(I'm fancy lol) . I love designing crochet baby clothes and items for my daughter Claire. She is my muse!
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    Eureka, California
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    Crochet (obvi), sewing, slow pitch softball, watching the Bachelor, hiding my yarn stash from my hus
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    SAHM, Crochet Blogger
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    Baby items, beanies, blankets, cowls
  1. Here's a link to my latest creation, The Velvetina Baby Dress Pattern! Hope you all enjoy! https://theindependentcavy.com/the-velvetina-baby-dress-pattern/
  2. Hi! I've never been apart of a forum before so I'm soo new to this, but excited to connect with you all! I'm in Northern Cali with my hubby and babe. Claire is the inspiration for most of my designs and projects, although every once in awhile I make something for myself lol. I'm a SAHM and an aspiring crochet designer and I'd love to share my patterns with you all! I cant wait to check out everyone else's projects as well!!! See ya on the flip side!
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