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  1. SolusUmbra

    C2C tails

    I thought about doing the tassels but am slowly changing my mind. Leaning to a simple wave border in the brown.
  2. SolusUmbra

    C2C tails

    😱 I didn’t leave 6 inches haha good thing I haven’t gotten very far yet. since I gave up on my Navajo one, I figured I would use the same color layout
  3. SolusUmbra

    C2C tails

    When changing color on a C2C at the end/start how do you hide the tail ends?
  4. This is the first pattern I couldn’t figure out how to make work, so its a new kind of feeling.
  5. As much as it hurts I think I have to give up on this blanket. It’s not fair if I give it away after the fair for someone to put all the extra work in needing to keep it straight. I think what hurts the most is the feeling of complete failure.
  6. I used the old start of my blanket as a sample, I washed and pinnned it to dry and when it was dry I was happy with it, then just to see what would happen I tossed it into the dryer on low heat and when it came back out it was back to the ugly look of before I pinned it and it got a lot smaller, so how do I get it to stay looking nice and the size I want?
  7. I wasn't going to redo it but just try to keep it under control. Also what is skewed Blocking?
  8. So should I try to make it tighter?
  9. Just because I can here is an image of the other side. How should I change my tension at the start? Make it tighter or use a smaller hook, and how long should I do it for?
  10. I restarted this Navajo blanket once already and now I'm starting to come a crossed the same type problem. After posting about it on Ravelry I switched to using the hook over and it seems to be helping, at least one on end. (forgive me if I'm not putting my words down correctly, today is covered in brain fog) With the navajo blanket its all worked one way and each row is cut at the end. My ending side is staying pretty straight, but my starting end keeps growing out. Can anyone come up with any suggestions on how I can stop/fix it from happening.
  11. SolusUmbra

    Term Question

    I've been wondering for some time now is there a difference between Afghan and Blanket?
  12. Seems the last call for Tennessee was some years ago, so here we go. I'm in Monroe County south of Knoxville. Anyone else around?
  13. Just what I needed, the votes are finally starting to add up.
  14. Thank you! This is why I like asking other people how they do things.
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