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    Swedish girl here. Living in south of Sweden, 36 year old, working in IT.
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    Lund, Sweden
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    Sewing, reading, crocheting, vintage, retro, gaming, sewing
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    Working with quality assurance in IT
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    I guess since ~2010
  1. Hi all, I have started crocheting this hat pattern: https://freevintagecrochet.com/free-hat-pattern/diamond17/tippy-hat I am Swede and also a bit new to crochet clothes, so I am not sure how to read the pattern. It says "work across in dc inc.". Does this mean to continue to increase with double crochets, in every double crochet? So two in one, all the row, except last one, as it says in pattern? I have however done that, and I am on the 3rd row. My work just goes round, round. There is only one photo so I do not know how the crown is going to look like, but my works like a cinnamon roll, due to the increasing. Can that be right? Thanks!
  2. Hi all! I have been crocheting for ~8 years but only amigurumis with single crochet, and after Swedish patterns (I am Swede). I decided that now I will try some slight more advanced patterns, even in English, with double crochets. I found this beginner's pattern but I have started over about 4 times already. I don't get it. The pattern can be found here: https://hannicraft.blogspot.com/2013/03/simple-beret-crochet-pattern.html I have attached how my work looks like. I am now working on round 3 and it really does not look like the beret on the photo in the pattern. What I do not get is: The beret on the pattern has 12 sections, they are very clear. They are not seen on my beret.. I simply don't understand why. I have crocheted according to what it says: R3: 3 chain stiches and then make 1 double crochet in the same stich. Then continuing with 1 double crochet in next stich. Then 1 chain. Then 2 double crochets in next stich, then one double crochet in next stich + 1 chain. Repeating that that 11 times starting with the 2 double crochets. My work is all bubbly at the edges. I suppose it's since I am increasing the work, making two double crochets (dc's) in one stich here and there according to the pattern. But when I see the finished beret on the photos, it does not look bubbly at all; it's flat. I have never crocheted like this before, so I do not know if it's normal and will even out when it's finished..? I am using hook 3.5. Also tested with hook 4, no difference. I do not know yarn size, I just found a ball of this yarn at home. Anyone know what's wrong..? Thank you ❤️ - Emelie
  3. Hi all! Swedish girl here. Living in south of Sweden, 36 year old, working in IT. Loves to crochet. Mother and grandmothers and women before that, have always been crocheting and knitting. I have tried to learn how to knit, but crocheting is my favourite. I have mostly been crocheting amigurumis for myself and friends. I have mostly used single crochets and now trying to learn more techniques. I love vintage and my goal is to be able to crochet berets, hats, table cloths, cardigans etc. My aunt owned a yarn shop before so I have looots of yarn in my tiny apartment So I will be able to keep myself occupied I am also into sewing and sew mostly clothes from 1850-1905 and recently started with 1920-1950s clothes. My favourite era is 1930-1940. Of course clohtes from 1880 are lovely but not very comfy I am new to english crocheting patterns and terms, so therefore I am here. I have tried getting help in Swedish forums, but noone knows what it means when I ask about English & American terms, techniques and such. I hope to be able to get help and also help others ❤️ Attaching a photo of my last finished project: a poo made as a gift I wish you a pleasant week from snowy Sweden ❤️ Best, Emelie
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