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  1. Some crochet has been done but haven’t polished off any balls or rolled any. WTD -0
  2. Finished a couple of small projects and gave away some yarn WTD + 30 YTD +40
  3. I figure calendars, agendas, planners, and even little notepads were invented to help make life easier for those of us who can barely remember what day it is. I have little reminders set and everything because I’m a total flake. I also didn’t know gators croaked. I don’t think there are many in Kansas, though...... Brenda, I’ve been there. Sleepy, sleepy in church.
  4. I let go of 9 skeins +18 And finished a ball +1 WTD +19 YTD + 10 My YTD is positive again!
  5. Mary Jo, thank you for the link. Everything is lovely, as always. 🥰 bgs, I have to schedule everything or nothing would happen haha We’ve been passing a cold back and forth lately. Weather has been really nice, really stormy, and everything in between. We had an earthquake for the first time in a while yesterday and there were also tornadoes. (note: earthquakes in Kansas have become a thing in recent years, due to fracking in Oklahoma. They really aren’t very strong at all but it’s really unnerving to people who have never encountered any in their lives)
  6. That’s absolutely amazing!
  7. I really love the pictures of your table and tree. There’s so much care and love there
  8. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous! I have a couple of things my mom made, too. And she’s the one who taught me to crochet ❤️
  9. It's been pretty rainy recently but today was sunny. All the rivers and creeks and everything else is full or overflowing. It'll be nothing but hot before you know it so let's just soak in the rain.
  10. I rolled two balls and bought one so I'm breaking even at 0 for this week
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