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  1. Hello everyone. I live in Wisconsin and i crochet. ( lol) Sorry it sounds like i should be at a meeting or something, after the amount of yarn i keep buying, i might need a meeting.! anyway, i was taught how to crochet when i was about 7 or 8- just granny squares- my sister's had to wear the vest's to school ( and i strongly believe we need to bring them back in style!) i am now an older lady, and picked it up again. I am learning to read patterns now and hope to make some amazing things. I don't know alot, but i am willing to help out anyone i can- if i do something not allowed please let me know( the rules page does not work) i belong to a crochet Facebook group- but Facebook drives me nuts and i was looking for an alternate to connect with fellow crocheters- so thank you for having me and i can't wait to see what everyone makes.
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