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    Pesky knots in yarn

    Hi from a very cold winters day brrrrr💨. To start I just learned how to crochet and love it so I purchased some camo yarn to make a blanket for my oldest grandson. nearing completion one of those knots came undone right in the middle of my project. I put markers on the stitches so I don’t loose them. Here’s the problem I don’t want to undo my completed blanket I just want to fix what’s undone. Can someone help me. Thanks a bunch.
  2. Sparkplug

    Pesky knots in yarn

    Thank you so much for the truth. Nothing worse than having your project look shoddy. I will go and learn those knots. Not sure this piece will go to a grandchild. I may just do another. How else to learn and improve. Thanks again.
  3. Sparkplug

    Pesky knots in yarn

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a try. 😉