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  1. ZBJ

    Help with baby bonnet

    Thank you so much @ReniC and @grannysquare for your advice. I’m a real newbie crochet-er (this is only my second week!!) so the pattern you linked felt a bit complicated to follow... I ended up trying to decrease by 4 on the last 4 rows which gave a nice result and hugs the back of the head a bit more. The only issue I have now is that the seam where I’ve slip stitched looks a bit puckered (kind of like a peach). Not very attractive. Any idea why that might be happening??
  2. I’ve been trying to make a baby pixie bonnet using tutorials from YouTube and a pattern I bought. I’ve finally managed to make it quite cute but it kind of rides up the back of my baby’s head once it’s tied. The pattern is essentially a rectangle of dcs folded in half and slip stitched together. Super simple. I was thinking that it might hug the base of her skull better if it gently sloped upwards. I’m thinking that adding some decreases to make the rectangle more narrow at the end might do it but not sure. Any advice?