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    Crocheting in Louisiana

    Hi everyone, I’m 53 years old. Mom of 2. Just started back to crocheting after not doing anything for nearly 20 years. i forgot how much I enjoy it . Hoping to make new friends 😁
  2. I’d love to join this. heres the list I’ve started, will add more later 1- blanket for sons Christmas 2- blanket for daughters Christmas 3- dishcloths for myself! 4- dishcloths for sister 5- scarf for daughters birthday
  3. Crochet+mom

    More Holiday Towel Toppers & Sets

    I love the Christmas towels
  4. Crochet+mom


    Very nice. Turned out great
  5. Crochet+mom

    Kitchen Towel Toppers

    These came out great!
  6. Crochet+mom

    Cozy Stripe Afghan

    So cozy! Great job