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  1. Yes that's a great idea, certainly clears things up.
  2. Wow thanks Granny Square! This is wonderful help:)
  3. Granny Square thank you so much! So sweet of you to explain the orientation with the details That's clear to me now. But there is another question, the instruction says "With WS facing, attach yarn with sl st to right most ch of beg-ch from Right Sleeve." So if the WS is facing me then the yarn tail would be on my right hand side, but if I attach the yarn as instructed then I have to attach it to the right most ch of beg-ch, which I understand is the turning chain after I did the foundation chain of 16 chains. Then as understand it, I would be attaching the yarn to the opposite side of the existing yarn tail. Am I correct? Also I did not understand the 'unused strands' that you mentioned.
  4. Hello again! I am back with the next and final (!!finally!!) section of the cardigan, needed to check with you guys if I am correct in deciphering. This is regarding the section "Left Sleeve" and it says: "With WS facing, attach yarn with a sl st to right most chain of beg-ch from Right Sleeve" Is the beginning chain the very first chain for the Right sleeve i.e. the Ch 16? This is regarding the section "Row 1 (WS) of Left Sleeve" and it says: "Ch 3, sc in same ch, *sk 2 ch..." The same ch is which chain, the one from which Ch 3 originates or in continuation of Ch 3? Thanks
  5. Thank you magiccrochetfan, I think I will go ahead with doing the large size because I am too inexperienced to risk mixing the large and medium sizes
  6. Even if I do omit rows and take the length for the medium size, won't it also affect the armhole shaping? If the armhole shaping does not correspond to the medium size then how do I make adjustments to it? Is there a calculation for shaping the armhole irrespective of size?
  7. I am facing the same problem for the past week. I have written to the customer support, but the problem is still there.
  8. Here's the link to the pattern: https://www.yarnspirations.com/row-en/red-heart-easy-v-neck-vest/RHC0232-018261M.html
  9. Here's another question, but this is regarding a different project. I wanted to work on a vest from a pattern. But the person I am making it for corresponds to the large chest size but medium length size. In this case what should I do? Which size should I follow?
  10. Noted, Thank you. Reg the First question, sorry I wrote 'beginning of chain' when it should have been 'beginning chain'. So my question would be, when a pattern (for not a foundation chain) is saying for eg, "3 dc in third ch of beg ch" then where should my hook go into, the back/front loop of the particular chain or through both the back and front loop.
  11. When the pattern says 'beginning of chain', does it mean the first chain? Also when the pattern says top of chain (consisting of 3 chains for eg) which one should it be? The second one? Another question regarding the chains, when I am crocheting into a turning chain should it be through the front loop/back loop only or through both the front and back loop?
  12. @magiccrochetfan - that makes sense now, so it will be the complete row combining the 2, earlier I was just counting the reserved ch 12 section. @granny square - that's valuable information! I am a novice and am teaching myself to crochet so this will go into my notebook
  13. Hello I am back with another question regarding the pattern. The section I am having a problem with is - "Right Sleeve Increase for Shoulder" It reads: Next Row (RS): Ch 3 (counts as dc), 2 dc in hdc, *(sc, ch3, sc) in ch-2 sp, Sh in ch3 sp; rep from *to last ch-2 sp, (sc, ch3,sc) in ch-2 sp, Sh in 3rd ch of beg ch; working onto reserved ch 12, sk first 2 ch, (sc,ch3, sc) in next ch, sk 2 ch, Sh in next ch, sk 2 ch, (sc, ch3, sc) in next ch, sk 2 ch, 3 dc in last ch, turn -3 Sh, 4 ch-3 sps. Work Row 3 of Shells Lace patt, then rep Rows 2-3 of patt until piece measures 24 1/2 from beginning, ending with Row 2 of patt. I have 2 questions: 1. What does "turn-3 Sh, 4 ch-3 sps" mean? 2. When the pattern is saying "Work Row 3 Shells Lace patt..." and if we go back to Row 3 pattern, it ends with (sc, ch 1, hdc) in top of beg ch. But where is the beg ch in this "Sleeve Increase Section"? Thanks again!
  14. I finally figured it out how to do this thanks to all of you I literally read your answers and the pattern and crocheted simultaneously to understand it. Again I am very grateful for your help. Thank you Avon Lady! Thank you Magiccrochet fan! Thank you Granny Square for your elaborate answer!!! It was so detailed I had read and then re-read again several times to get all the points that you mentioned. Frankly speaking I understood some of them but not all (I'm just a beginner:( ). But thank you so much again. I am sure I will be back again with many questions from this pattern. Warm Regards
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