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  1. Here's a crochet girl with a basket of flowers that I made. The free pattern is available at http://www.kerriscrochet.com/girl-basket-flowers-crochet-pattern
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    Here's a little rosebud applique that I made. I've also made it as a bookmark. The free pattern is available at https://www.kerriscrochet.com/rosebud-crochet-pattern/
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    Thank you.
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    Bicycle Crochet Applique

    Here's a crochet bicycle that I made. I've got one with a basket of flowers at the front and another with a little kitten in a basket. I hope you enjoy them. The free pattern is available at https://www.kerriscrochet.com/crochet-bicycle-applique-pattern/
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    Crocheting in Louisiana

    Hello from Brisbane, Australia.
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    New (sort of)

    Hello and welcome back.
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    Easy Crochet Car Applique

    Hello everyone, Here's an easy crochet car applique that I've made. The free pattern and video tutorial is available at https://www.kerriscrochet.com/easy-car-crochet-pattern/
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    Hello from Brisbane

    Hello, I'm Kerri and I'm from Brisbane in Australia. I started crocheting when I was seven when my grandmother taught me some basic stitches. I also enjoy cake decorating, knitting and gardening.
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    Good Evening Everyone

    Hello, I'm Kerri from Brisbane, Australia. I look forward to seeing some of your work and sharing.
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    Hello from Surprise, AZ

    Hello, I'm Kerri and new to the group as well. I'm from Brisbane, Australia.
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    Crochet Cat Bag

    Here's a crochet cat bag that I've made. The free pattern and video tutorial are available on my website at https://www.kerriscrochet.com/crochet-cat-bag-pattern/