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  1. I wish I had the book! I just purchased this pattern from someone who scanned it from the book. From what I can find it was published at least after 1963
  2. Here's a screenshot of the two images provided- so helpful no? hehe
  3. Do you mean the photo included with the written pattern? Unfortunately, the photos provided are completely unhelpful :*( I mean the photo of it was enough to impel me to make it, but because it was scanned from a book from the 1960s the resolution is such that I can't make out any details. No pattern diagrams either! I didn't even know the dress had sequins and beads until I read it too! Nonetheless, I've managed with your previous help, and trial and error, and LOADS of frogging, to be turning out something I'm quite happy with. I'm actually planning to wear it for my sister's wedding. You could say I'm a bit overly ambitious -haha!
  4. Ah! So I was overthinking it. Something I have a tendency to do unfortunately. And YES stitch markers are definitely a must here. This pattern has taken a lot of trial and error as far as fit. I just had to rip out 30 rows from the skirt as it would have stretched waaay beyond 34" finished if I followed the directions for number of puff shell rows in addition to the hip shaping to waist part. Thankfully, I love crochet no matter how frustrating it can be. Thank you again for all of your help! You're a gem
  5. Oops realized my underline wasn't showing up. I've attached a photo of the pattern with the underline.
  6. Aaaand I'm back! So I'm getting close to the end of this pattern and am a bit stumped. Again I've attached a photo. So I'm good up to the underlined part. Here is my question: When it says repeat last 8 rows, is it talking about the four work even rows I did, PLUS the previous rows starting at NEXT ROW: START HIP SHAPING ? The reason I'm confused, is the sentence immediately following the underlined part seems to imply that I won't be doing any hip shaping until after I've repeated the last 8 rows. Am I just overthinking this, and it wants me to do the four hip shaping rows, four work even rows five times, PLUS repeating the first 4 rows of hip shaping again 5 times? Thank you!!
  7. Thank you! I’d worked out the 96/24=4 but didn’t figure out the skip every other. I’ll probably be back for more help but in the meantime you’ve made my night!
  8. Hi all! Signed up bc I am stumped on what reads as a very easy pattern but clearly isn’t bc I’ve restarted it now 10 times. Ive attaches a photo of the pattern. It’s from a 1960s pattern for a matching shell and skirt. Thr part I get stuck on is the 2nd row. I end up with 47 puffs and I cannot understand how they expect you to get only 24 across a 96 sc stitch row. The puff shell according to the directions only takes up 2 stitches (if you count the sc, ch 1to close). Am I missing something - not sure what that could be since it’s dead simple- or is the pattern missing something? thank you!!
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