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  1. YOU.ARE.MY.HERO!!!!!!!!! It is in the round so I guess I messed up way before row 17 and thought I was just miscounting.  THANK YOU! You are truly a Christmas miracle! BTW, My name is Kristina.  I love to crochet when my arthritis allows me to or when I am begged and then I push way too hard LOL I was just in a tizzy and couldn't for the life of me figure it out. Thank you again for just being an angel!

  2. Hello all! I am not sure if someone can help me, but I hope so!  I was asked (practically begged) to crochet a llama (last minute) for my niece got Christmas.  How could I say no? So, the pattern I have is a free pattern from Red Heart.  As I started I noticed that my counting and what the notes were, were completely different.  For instance, row 17 calls for [8sc in next 8 st, 2 sc in next st]6 times-60 sc.   The problem is that the math is wrong... 8 + 1 (2sc in ONE st) is 9 (not ten) and 9x6 is 54 not 60.  So, do I make sure there is 60 total or do I just do the row pattern 6 times?  Can someone please help before it drives me insane? lol  Also, I tried contacting Red Heart to no avail.  I am including the pattern just in case you need to see it.  Thank you so much for any assistance!!!


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