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  1. Wow! You totally right! I was so fustrated I misread that! 7 double crochet! It's the first time I do an amigurimi shoe. I always start with the magic ring. This new beginning confused me. Thank you so much!!
  2. Hi! Thanks for your response. This is an amigurumi pattern. I leave you the link below: http://artisticgaming.com/portfolio/legend-zelda-deku-link-free-crochet-pattern/ I finished the head and the body, so I started with the first leg. That's when appear those instructions. I've tried to follow it in the video but it's too fast!
  3. Hi everyone! I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice about a patter that I'm following. I'm starting a piece and the instructions are: CH8 -1inc, 4sc, 1hdc, 7dc in last ch. So, I followed the instructions until 1hdc included (so I have 3rows now) but I have no clue how do I decrease 7stitches in the last chain stitch. I mean, I only have 3 stitches left. Any ideas?? Maybe I did something wrong... Thank you all!!
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