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  1. Torylynn

    3rd time ripping this apart, PLEASE HELP!

    I think I may have fixed my problem! I watched a video that was on the pattern website that made the instructions more clear to me. It states to do 2DC's in between the "V" stitch, which I didn't understand very well, so I ended up sticking the stitch in the wrong place! Which I've shown in my first picture. When she was talking about the "V" stitch she meant the V like shape the 2 DC's make. After watching the video she said to stick the 2DC's in the gap/hole that is made while skipping a stitch, which I have shown in my second picture. I'm pretty sure I've found my problem there as I've had a constant 86 stitches for the past 8 rows now. The pattern says to chain a multiple of 6 then do 1 double crochet for your first stitch, skip a stitch then do 2DC's, skip a stitch and then another 2DC's and skip then so on and so on. I had chaind 108 stitches but all my other rows after that have been 86, now because of skipping every other stitch is that how I ended up with 86?
  2. Torylynn

    3rd time ripping this apart, PLEASE HELP!

    That's perfect, thanks so much! I'll go and buy a bigger hook, I'm sure it will come in handy for future projects as well! Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!
  3. Torylynn

    3rd time ripping this apart, PLEASE HELP!

    Thanks for the reply! I bought a set of different sized crochet hooks when I first started, the hook I'm using right now says it's a K/101/2-6.50MM. It's the largest one that came in the set. So maybe I should buy a larger hook and try seeing if that works better?
  4. PLEASE HELP ME!! I'm fairly new to crocheting, I've completed little SC granny squares and they've all turned out fine. I'm trying to complete my first fully finished project, and it doesn't seem complicated at all... except it has been! This has been the third time I've ripped it apart and tried again all over. Each time I'm losing stiches! This last time I caught it early on, I started out with 108 chain stitches, second row ended up being 85 and the third was 83.. this past time I even tried using place markers at the ends of my stitches but still to no avail.. slanted edges. I'll leave the link to the pattern, I'm hoping someone can figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thank you! https://dabblesandbabbles.com/easy-cozy-crochet-blanket-2/