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  1. rosiegirl

    Widening a blanket

    @Granny Square...how wide do you think I should make it?
  2. rosiegirl

    Widening a blanket

    Thank you! I will try that!
  3. rosiegirl

    Widening a blanket

    Hi all! I'm making my first blanket and I totally messed up but didn't realize until I was about 100 rows in and already had to rip out half the blanket before because I was somehow increasing and decreasing the length of my rows (I have since fixed that). So I don't want to start over since I need it done soon! Anyway, I'm trying to make a throw as a present and it is only 22" wide, which is way too narrow, oops! Any thoughts on how to widen it? I was going to just stop early and make a really wide border but I wasn't sure if that would work or look silly? I'm using a yarn that changes colors so it's pretty forgiving in terms of looks. What do you all think?