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  1. My mother made a few in her years. They weren’t perfect, but incredibly beautiful and special. I do have a little time on my hands, but my main concern is whether I will be able to see well enough. Aging eyes, and all. I decided to purchase one ball or skein of thread and practice a couple of rows to see if I can do it. If not, nothing lost. It would be a nice gift to give to my kids one day in the far, far, future, though!
  2. Oh my goodness, than you so much for your information. I thought I would try one square at true size to see if I thought I could do it. I have two beds... so need to make two bedspreads.... I might have to cheat and use something larger. The 7 steel hook is so small. However, I do spend too much time on phone games, so maybe it's time to be productive! I will keep you updated on my progress. I am looking at other patterns as well which don't have popcorns, which might be a little easier and faster for me to make... and use a little less thread! Thanks again, Brienne.
  3. Hello, I think I want to try to crochet the Connecticut Yankee bedspread pattern. Has anyone else made this pattern? I've attached the pattern. I crocheted many many years ago, but not in a while... does this look like a difficult pattern to learn? Thanks, Brienne CT Yankee bedspread.pdf
  4. Hello! I am returning to crochet after many, many years. I would like to start a filet crocheted bedspread. Thoughts on brand of cotton? How much to get at once? Best prices? I think I have found a pattern to use, but any thoughts on sources of patterns to browse, and possibly purchase, would be much appreciated!
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