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  1. Villager re wt size, I did state them..the pattern yarn has mix of 4 types in one skein, is why it shows #5-6 wt, where yarn I want is #4. So guess I'll get 4 skeins..tks
  2. Here's info- (I'm not sure how many skeins of smaller yarn I need): pattern calls for 2 balls of: Bernat Home Bundle( it has 4 different thicknesses in each ball) 207 yards/8.8 oz/5-6wt/10st-4"-ball says use L hook, pattern calls for N hook .... yarn I want to use: 186yd/4oz/4wt/12st-4", yarn calls for J hook.
  3. Such GREAT HELP! Tks so much!!
  4. Strgzr

    SSK & K2TOG

    I'm so sorry! I forgot and put here! Thanks for help tho GS!
  5. Strgzr

    SSK & K2TOG

    Decrease part of hat had SSK followed by K2tog. My SSKs always have larger looking st. Is there any fix? I also ended up with sticking out parts where decreases, but that's possibly due to my starting decrease at about 6" height instead of 7"?(I just wanted to finish the hat! Ha!)
  6. In the following pattern I'm having problems understanding parts: In "special stitch- 3 dc cluster"-What does "within one step of completion" mean? For ex In Round 3- "Cluster in next hdc" does that then mean to make 3 dc in the hdc? Then later in pattern (no pic of this) it says "Cluster in next hdc *ch2, sk2 st, puff in next hdc*. Repeat from * 18 times....etc...so in Special Stitch description at top, it talks about "shell stitch" -is that the "puff" the pattern says to make? I thought a "puff" was somehow joining a group of stitches as one so it puffs out, but this looks like you just make 5hdc in same stitch? (For ex, I read one place a "puff" was making all those 5 st, then drop needle out of last one, and pick up first loop and pull all together, or something similar-hard to describe here. Please explain.
  7. Ok, I'm new, I tried to post and didn't see a way, except "start a new topic" where I finally found category or different areas to post in. So it's not easy finding this, but glad I'm finally able to post. I knit and crochet, and sometimes have trouble reading patterns. Glad I found this site. I'll be posting question soon. Thanks for all help.
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