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  1. I googled crochet mandala and found a craftsy link. The picture that I used for inspiration was on Craftsy.Com from the crocheting blog by Kathryn Senior on Oct 4, 2015 titled “how to crochet a flat circle.” She describes the typical process for crocheting flat circles but has a picture of her “giant granny mandala” which was my inspiration that I had intended to use to start my circular shell shawl (until you so fortuitously found and shared your pattern). If it will work as your denser start, that would be great. Either way, have a nice evening
  2. So the one I started before you sent me this long searched for shawl is pretty dense. Maybe you would like it for the center of your shawl. it starts out w ch 4, join w sl st to form circle. Rnd 1: ch 3, then 11 more dc in ring. Join w sl st. Rnd 2: 2 dc in each dc. (24) Join w sl stitch (st). Rnd 3 ch 3, 2 dc in same space (between 2 groups of 2 dc), then 3 dc in each space between dc around (36 dc). Join w sl stitch (st) Rnd 4: slip st to 2nd dc in next Group of 3, ch 4, dc in same stitch, ch1, v stitch (dc, ch 1, dc) around . Join w sl stitch (st) Rnd 5: I changed colors. ch 4, dc in same space, dc in next space (either in next v stitch or between v sts) continue in both V’s and spaces around. Join w sl st. Rnd 6: 3 dc in each ch 1 of v stitch around. Join w sl st. Rnd 7: slip st over to center dc of gp. of 3 or start new color), ch 3, 2 dc 1st gp of 3, then 3 dcs in 2nd dc (center) of each group of 3 dc around. Join w sl st. Rnd 8: ch3, 3 dc in same space (between 3 dc group), then 4 dc in next space and each space around. Join w sl st. Rnd 9: starting new color, ch 3 dc, ch 1 2 dc in space between 3dc gps in round below, ch 1, then *4dc in space, ch 1 . Repeat from * around. Join w sl st. Rnd 10: ch3, dc, ch 1, 2 dc in same space, *ch 1, 2dc, ch 1, 2dc in next space. Repeat from * around. Join w sl st. Rnd 11: ch 3, 4 dc in same space(in ch 1 space between 2 dc ( either between 2dc, ch 1, 2dc group or after but not both) Continue w 5 dc in every other ch 1 around. Join w sl st. thats as far as I got. After that I was going to keep increasing each shell by one dc stitch in each group around, maybe alternating some rounds w shells that had ch 1 in middle (3dc, ch 1, 3 dc instead of 7 dc shell) anyway, if I can find the crochet granny mandala that gave me the idea, I will post a link. Thanks again for the shawl pattern. Have been waiting more than 45 years to remake it!
  3. I don’t know how to thank you! This is it!!!!!! What is so amazing is that just yesterday I was searching for it (as I sometimes do) and finally decided I would start it as a granny mandala and just keep making the shells bigger and bigger. Then today I went and bought yarn to go with what I had started. needless to say, I will post a picture when I finish ( will remake with actual instructions. I too had forgotten the lacy start! Thanks again! This has definitely been on my bucket list, since I couldn’t get it out of my mind all these years. Bless you, Denise (tutu4four now)
  4. Dear looking, looking for a vintage pattern for a shell stitch shawl that I saw in a Good Housekeeping magazine in the early 1970's. I thought this was my post. I too am trying to find this shawl again. I remember working on it in 1971-72, in my 10th grade English class. I think it started as dc, then tc as it got larger. I think the shells increased in number of dc's as it got bigger and mine was about72" diameter I think. I bought the spring '72 Good Housekeeping with a yellow/ white shawl on the cover but it wasn't in there. I keep thinking I should adapt a doily pattern or start crocheting a circle w dc's, then add V stitches, then 3 dc shells, then 4 etc. I also think I remember the full shells might have alternated with "lighter" shells which had ch 1 interspersed between dc's. I hope you find it. I know I would like to, as well.
  5. This is soooo cute! Thank you. I can't wait to make one. I knit lots of baby hats, but have really only crocheted the ones in the Caps to the Capital campaign last year. Denise
  6. Thank you for sharing. That is the top I used to make. I have some old Family Circle compilations that recycle old patterns from their magazines too from the 60-80s. I'll go back and look through the mcCalls versions to see if I can find the circle shell shawl. Denise
  7. Thanks. I saw that one and in fact, ordered it. I hope it is the one with the patterns I'm looking for (but who really can trust 40 year old memories for something like that? Oh well, maybe I'll find something else equally cool if not those patterns.
  8. Thank you for your suggestions. I am a member of my local Friends of the Libraries and check their inventories at each sale, but didn't think about archived copies from the libraries collection. Guess I am used to thinking in terms of "googling it". I'll check with them... Thanks again
  9. I searched http://www.abebooks.com by clicking on bookstores and then searching for "Friends of" I got a list of 22 bookstores. Our local FOL makes about 1/3 of their yearly sales on online sales through ABE. The money is donated back to the library so by buying your book through a FOL bookstore you are also contributing to the library. I have gone to FOL booksales since I was a child. It was an annual event my family all looked forward to. Now I try to buy from FOL bookstores as much as possible.
  10. When I want to find a book, I sometime use Amazon. But I almost always check http://www.abebooks.com and http://www.aaabooksearch.com Abe has lots of individual bookstores and Friends of Library online sale stores, and I buy books from them almost every week. AAA lists many sources, some helpful others not, but it can be very helpful for finding a book online. Hope you find it, the shawl on the cover was really beautiful!
  11. There are many places on the web (try google and search for freeform crochet or scrumbling) where you can see beautiful examples of freeform crochet. There are also several books available (try Amazon). I think of it as modular crochet. Lots of little motifs of different textures and shaped joined together into a 'more interesting whole'. Textured Crochet by Helen Jordan has wonderful stitches that might help you get started. The freeform one piece baby afghan listed in this section is one of the most beautiful pieces of freeform crochet I've ever seen. Hope you'll try it. Denise
  12. Your freeform blanket is beautiful! A work of art and a crocheter's dream come true. I congratulate you! Well done!!
  13. Thank you Lucy! I read about and signed up for photobucket. I think I can post a link . now. Let me try it here. http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc2/tutuof4/Audreysdress47kb.jpg I saw your blogs Lucy. You are accomplished at blogging and crochet! I like the 4x squares at the bottom of your new blog and the grandmother's flower garden hexagons are beautiful too.
  14. Welcome! My best advice is to find another crocheter to help you with problems, but also and perhaps more importantly, get a how to book and use the diagrams and LEARN the LANGUAGE of crochet. Learning to read patterns is one of the greatest gifts my granny gave me when she taught me to crochet. Good luck and remember, like knitting and many other psychomotor skills, crochet takes lots of practice. Relax and have fun Happy Thanksgiving!
  15. I finished a big project (for me) since I last visited. A Christening dress for my granddaughter. The skirt is from an antique pattern in a dress in my dil's family and I adapted a bodice from a commercial pattern (more lace and new sleeves).I know how to resize images,(thanks to crochetville's administrators I now use resize2mail often for work and personal use) but not how to upload them without going to my computer, so here is a link to my blog which has pictures. http://crochetiseverythingelse.blogspot.com/ I am glad to be able to share it with other crocheters. I read with real sadness a post today from a lady whose sister didn't want to be bothered with giving the baby afghans she had crocheted for the sister's coworker. It's really frustrating when noncrocheters don't see the beauty in the work of our hands that we do. have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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