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  1. Bmaze3696

    What is the name of the pattern?

    That is exactly it. Thank you! So you'd call this a modified granny stitch or a granny stitch variation? This pattern is super easy to work, so whatever it is, I like it!
  2. Bmaze3696

    What is the name of the pattern?

    Thank you for the info! It weird because it is a v stitch with the chain on either side of the doubles instead of in the middle. It's confusing how it takes a different name when you move 1 thing! 😂 Thanks for the help!
  3. Hello! I am brand new to crocheting, and was taught to do the basic v stitch from my husband's grandmother. By mistake, I messed up the pattern when I left her house. I am about a quarter of the way done with this Afghan I am making, and realized I have royally screwed it up. But, it is still very pretty, and I am wondering if this pattern actually has a name? Instead of dc, ch 1, 2 dc, repeat, I am doing dc, dc, ch 1, repeat. I have attached photos to help identify. Thanks for any help!