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    hats, scarves, baby clothes
  1. I appreciate your answer, and thank you.
  2. Thank you to all for replying. When you do stretch and pin things out, which side (right or wrong) faces upward? Also, when you wet the garment, how much water do you use? Thank you.
  3. Hi to All, I need some advice on blocking. Currently, I have no way to block my finished items, meaning no surface to block on--not even an ironing board. But I have two scarfs (a little longer than average) that need blocking. One is made of acrylic yarn and the other one is a wool blend (20% wool). What is the best way to block these items? Also, how do you block other items, i.e., afghans, sweater sections, hats etc.? Can you fold a scarf in half to block it? What about a hat, which is double thick? I have the funds to purchase what is needed for blocking, so do I purchase a steam iron (or a steamer), T-pins, blocks? And is there anything else that I need? Thank you. :-)
  4. Thank you to all for welcoming me! I'll post some pics of my latest projects--as soon as I figure out how to download from my phone to the computer - lol. I like making smaller items, i.e., hats, scarfs, mittens, baby clothes, etc., although recently, I made a personal-sized ripple afghan for my 18-year-old son.
  5. I learned to crochet when I was 10. So I've been crocheting, sporadically, for the last 48 years. I was looking for an "all crochet" forum. Glad to have found you!
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