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  1. @Granny Squareoh yes, I see what you mean now! That really is a great tip for striped crochet patterns, I will definitely try that out!
  2. @bgs @Granny Square thanks SO much for your replies, they're both very helpful! I have tried free patterns from multiple sources and was browsing etsy to check what they had to offer and stumbled upon this one. The free alternatives Granny Square posted look quite similar indeed! It's just that I fell in love with this little hat and want to make an exact copy of it 😍 and your comment about a straight line is definitely interesting, although I guess it's a matter of taste too. Thanks again both for your input!
  3. Hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I saw this pattern on etsy and wanted to know if anyone has ever ordered from there before and how it works? https://www.etsy.com/listing/697765987/bumblebee-butt-beanie-with-stinger?ref=shop_home_active_1 Also, I noticed this listing is brand new and hasn't been ordered yet, how much of a risk is it to buy this in terms of the pattern possibly not being perfect? Any other tips for me to keep in mind when browsing patterns on etsy? I'm sorry if it's not allowed to post links here, I hope someone can assist me with this.
  4. Welcome back! Hope you meet many more friends
  5. Hi! Nice to see you, hope you have fun
  6. Fruitypebbles

    Bunny & Bunny

    The little heart nose 😍
  7. So cute! And it looks so much like a real one too.
  8. @richsgirl wow, so adorable!! Do you happen to have made this with a pattern you would wanna share? I’d love to make this myself!
  9. Hi Shana, it’s so nice to crochet gifts isn’t it? That’s a great picture, looks like a happy family! 🤗
  10. Hi Diane, wow that’s a story! Hope you are feeling better and I’m looking forward to seeing your projects!
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