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  1. Hi All! Hey, Kim! It was fun last Tuesday! I loved that cupcake scarf you made for your daughter! It was sooooooooooo kewl! I had fun! What Kim said - if you go to meet up and sign up, you'll get reminders of the monthly meetings. Here's the link again: http://crochet.meetup.com/436/?a=cn1_cn1&gj=ej2a Hope to see you there next month! Cindy
  2. CindyNG

    First Amigurumi!

    Thank you, Everyone! Cindy
  3. Thank you to everyone who said such nice things about the Amigurumi bear! Hi Wendy! Go to a fabric/sewing shop for the buttons. They weren't available at a crafts store. I used plastic pony beads instead of pellets because that's what I happened to have lying around. I stuffed the bear's bottom and then nestled the pony beads inside the stuffing. The pony beads were big enough that they won't fall out between the stitches. The bear won't be used as a toy, it will sit on a desk or bookshelf. If he would get more use, I'd sew the beads into bags like Samantha does. A nice little booklet that I found is Gourmet Crochet's How to Crochet Adorable Amigurumi by Christina Christmas Savage. Full of nice patterns. Remember how I said the symbols confused me at the transitions? Well this booklet made it very clear what I was missing! It's available on ebay. Cindy
  4. Hi Wendy! Yes, yes I know Derby! A co-worker from college days was from Derby - I went to college in Fredonia. Anyways, why not join us on the 16th? It will be the first time every for a meeting and we can discuss rotating where the meetings take place - we could have one out closer to you - Hamburg maybe. Here's the link to the group: http://crochet.meetup.com/436/calendar/5362343/ If you don't come to this first one, sign up for the group so you'll get notifications of the next meeting. Cindy
  5. Hi Kim, Yes, the 16th - sorry I was looking at the wrong calendar when I said the 15th. The crochet meet up has the right date - the 16th. Yes, I know that JoAnn's has their own crochet/knit group - I didn't necessarily like the mix of crochet and knit - not because I don't like knitting - it's that the techniques are different so we had to sit at different tables and you don't end up talking much to the knitters, too bad. But they might not want me to leave a flyer for another group - probably won't want me to take away from theirs. I'll try anyways. Hey, Cranky smile - you're welcome to come join us! Where downstate are you? Cindy
  6. Hi Kim! I thought I'd go to the JoAnn's and Michael's on Transit Road, near the Eastern Hills Mall. I "re-learned" crocheting from a wonderful teacher at the JoAnn's and wanted to take her a flyer. The Michael's is on Transit a little bit away from the mall. Yes, Karma Knitting is on Main Street in Williamsville - right in the village. Corner of Cayuga St and Main if you know the area. I've also come across "meet-up" where people can list their interests and what they'd like to meet-up to do - there is a listing for crochet meet-ups and 15 people have signed up to meet for crochet. So, I'm going to send out a "meet-up" notice for Panera Bread on the 15th and see if some of the people come. I don't know if I should post the link to meet-up here, but I will. I apologize to moderators if I'm not allowed to do this: http://crochet.meetup.com/cities/us/ny/buffalo/ Can't hurt to send out some invites - you never know! Cindy
  7. Hi Kim, I thought I'd make up some flyers and take them to JoAnn's, Michael's and Karma Knitting. Don't know if they will let me post them or not, but it can't hurt to ask. Cindy
  8. CindyNG

    First Amigurumi!

    Thank you to all for the nice compliments! My son - who is 14 but a HUGE Anime fan and Japanophile - has asked if he can have it! He was the reason I started making it in the first place! LOL! Yes, they are addicting! Yes, it IS a good way to bust my scraps! Cindy
  9. Thank you, Samantha, Penny, Wendy and Kim! :-) The eyes are small black buttons with a shank - they were 5 for $1.50 at JoAnn's. Cindy
  10. Yes! The Farpoint Topper is the one I want to do! Will we do a CAL for that one too! (say yes, please! :-)
  11. OOoooo!!! I've got to do one of those!! You did a lovely job!
  12. CindyNG

    First Amigurumi!

    I finished my very first Amigurumi! He's a cute polar bear...well, maybe he's not exactly a polar bear but a bear that is white! LOL! Here's a link to a picture on my blog: http://hooksandfire.livejournal.com/3610.html Cindy
  13. Happy New Year! I finished my very first Amigurumi! He's a polar bear! Here's a link to a picture: http://hooksandfire.livejournal.com/3610.html Cindy
  14. Welcome! Yes, please join us on the 16th! I'm in Williamsville. Where are you? Cindy
  15. Krystal...that is funny! Yes, it's Local Yarn Shop. Web-speak abbreviates everything! I just had one of those moments myself on another board with an abbreviation I didn't get. Very funny! :-) Kim, You'll have to visit Karma Knitting - the owner is a hoot! She has her pet Cherry Head parrot in the store and she is very eccentric - the yarns are fabulous - she doesn't carry Red Heart, Lion Brand, etc. So the yarns are more expensive. I usually go in there to find something special and she always has it. What about Tuesday, Jan 16th at 6:30pm? We can meet at Panera Bread - is that the one in the plaza? It's across from Barnes and Noble and in the same plaza as KMart? You can send me an email at: cindyngatadelphiadotnet. (replace the at with @ and the dot with a .) Do you want to join us Dragonfly? Sure you can't get away Krystal? Cindy
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