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    Crocheting directly onto denim

    Thank you for your responses. I had thought of both of these methods and was wondering what might work the best ! Like many knitters/crocheters, I'm somewhat allergic to sewing (I get large, feverish I-don't-want-to's when it comes to sewing--they're really quite awful), and the thought of doing a simple stitch around two pants legs . . . well, that just might be a bridge too far!! And then what would I wear--okay, well, cut off, raggedly looking capris!! Ugh! So I might try the crochet method (somehow life's better with a crochet hook in your hand rather than a sewing needle--I don't really understand this, but so says my little pea brain)! HOWEVER, it's always good to have a Plan B (even if that plan makes you want to hurl . . . . something across the room)! Thanks again!
  2. Has anyone had any experience crocheting directly onto denim, such as adding an edging to a pair of jeans? I Just bought a couple of pairs of capris, and I don't like the rolled cuff on them. I'd like to cut that off and add a crocheted edge. I'm thinking I probably need to hem them, but then I'd be crocheting through two layers of denim. That doesn't sound so easy on the hands. Any suggestions for how to do this without ruining my capris and my hands? Thanks in advance!