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  1. Hi all ! I created a crochet pattern the other day and used what I thought was an extended double crochet stitch ....but NO ....it wasn't . And I have no idea what its called or if it's even an actual stitch . It looks awesome for the little toddler crown I made , so ya I really need to call it something lol !! I did my chain stitch's and then the next row I did ( YO insert in stitch YO and pull through then through the 2 stitch's on hook ) like starting out for DC but ending as a slip stitch through the 2 on hook . Anyway this stitch looks awesome for what I was wanting with this crown . Here is the pic ; the stitch is the bottom three rows and the row right below the crown spikes . Anyone know what it is !? ******* If it's not already a stitch I think I'll call it an "extended slip stitch " ******
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    Hi All ! Tess here , and I am a crochet addict ! Happy to be here !
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