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  1. Thank you for the feedback. 😊
  2. Well I would love to sell Jewelry in it as well. That's also what I make. I love dances with yarn because it reflects my connection with dance and crochet but I thought about also dances with jewelry as the Jewelry side.
  3. Thank you. I liked that one the best because I'm actually a dancer. 😊💃
  4. A dance movement therapist
  5. Possible shop name?
  6. Hey everyone, Me in a nutshell: Dancer (10+ years) Hooker (4 yrs) Dog mama. (4 yr old furbaby) Soon to be first time Aunt (family member due in September, around my birthday week!) Soon to be shop owner (please help with names, where would I post that?) Writer/Poetress Avid Reader Aspire to be a DMT. (Ask what it is, will be happy to talk about it) Reply with your favorite yarn brand and fiber, I'm always trying to create new pieces and work in new projects. So many WIPs.. 😅