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    Lilia Vanini
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    Lilia Vanini is a knitwear and crochet designer, indie hand dyer yarn and crafter of gorgeous handmade knitting project bags. She writes patterns for all ages and seasons, thinking in functionality, beauty and elegance. Lilia Vanini always encourages all beginners to learn and firmly believes that part of her work is to let people know the wide variety of knitting benefits for the mind and body. Born in Perú, she lives now in Venice Italy with her husband and travel around the word teaching.
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    knitting and crochet designer
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    cowls, shawls, amigurumis, blankets, scarves, women tops, socks
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    since I was a child
  1. Hi, only for my crochetville friends and until Monday 14, when you purchase 3 or more patterns from my collection you can claim TWO FREE patterns of your choice, knitting or crochet from my collection. You can see all my patterns and purchase from: My Etsy Shop My Ravelry Shop This is how it works: after you made your purchase contact me via etsy, ravelry or liliavanini at live dot com and tell me the two patterns you want as free and I will send you inmediately the pdf patterns and for any questions do not hesitate to contact me, Happy Weekend!
  2. Oh! Thank you so much for such a lovely feedback, today I made another great looking bag, I just need to edit the pictures and I will be happy to post in a few more minutes! stay tuned!
  3. Princessa Baby Blanket is the most popular blanket crochet pattern on pinterest, is gorgeous and so easy to make, all babies will look beautiful and cosy with this baby blanket Pattern available here
  4. This morning I finished this cute drawstring project bag for knitting and crochet, what do you think? and the other fabric is on progress right now!
  5. This is my Christy Crochet Headband, just great for summer when we all are looking for small projects for those hot summer days and to keep our hair in order and look fresh and nice all the time! I made a blog article about this fantastic headband here https://liliacraftparty.com/2018/08/06/bestseller-crochet-pattern-of-summer-christy-headband/ Happy summer all!
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