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    4 years
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  1. Crocheters Creed

    The Fourth Doctors Scarf (Doctor Who)

    For all you Whovians out there!!!!!
  2. Crocheters Creed

    Baymax (Hat) From Big Hero Six

    I made this project about two months ago, i know its a long time but i forgot to update lol. I didnt want to make a amigurumi so i tried changing it up. Here is a Baymax Hat i hope you enjoy!!!! P.S sorry about the sideways photo I'm not sure how to flip it
  3. Crocheters Creed

    Returning after many years!

    Welcome Back :), sorry for the late reply!
  4. Crocheters Creed

    Tunisian Crochet Cowl

    Beautiful Project!!!!!!!
  5. Crocheters Creed

    Harry Potter Pillow

    I am a HUGGGEEEEE Harry Potter fan its one of my favorite childhood movies to watch, and i still love it to death to this day!!!! So i share with you my Hrry Potter pillow in the future i may make other Harry Potter inspired projects, but this one should suffice for now :).
  6. An old childrens tv show favorite, sucks they took it off air.
  7. Crocheters Creed

    African flower crochet pattern lover

    Omg thats amazing! Well done
  8. Crocheters Creed

    Mon Petite Chou - 16" baby doll

    Super Adorbs!
  9. I made this about a week ago, maybe the last project for a bit about The Nightmare Before Christmas. Key Word may
  10. Crocheters Creed

    Introducing myself

  11. One of the 3 menaces (Lock, Shock and Barrel) of the beloved movie The Nightmare Before Christmas
  12. Crocheters Creed

    Gertrude the Protector

    Shes really adorable/creepy, great job!
  13. Crocheters Creed

    Raspberry Pineapple Shawl

  14. Crocheters Creed

    Owl amigurumi

    Too cute!