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  1. I made this a while ago, its a supposed to be a pillow but i dont recommend using it as a pillow to lay on lol. Its more for show than anything, you dont want his leaves falling out
  2. I made this about 3 months ago, its an old project but i enjoyed it! It's pretty simple and you cant alter it to a phone case, laptop case etc.
  3. This little cutie, that i recently made from Final Fantasy
  4. Its been a lonnnggg time but I just recently made a tutorial on my channel.....the Moogle from Final Fantasy!!!! I always thought it was such an adorable little thing. I hope you guys enjoy!!!!!
  5. Whats this! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MzhVAM2svmA Part 2 will be out in a day or too!!!
  6. It looks like a head but its actually a mini pillow 😂!!!!! Enjoy for all TNMBC fans!!!!! Every full pattern can be found on my youtube channel Crocheters Creed!!!!!
  7. For all you Whovians out there!!!!!
  8. I made this project about two months ago, i know its a long time but i forgot to update lol. I didnt want to make a amigurumi so i tried changing it up. Here is a Baymax Hat i hope you enjoy!!!! P.S sorry about the sideways photo I'm not sure how to flip it
  9. Welcome Back :), sorry for the late reply!
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