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  1. I really like it! I have about 9 or 10 cakes of it in various colors. The yarn is thinner than I am used to but I think it is perfect for lightweight/baby blankets, shawls, and scarves etc.
  2. Thank you all for the welcome and for the compliments on the blanket that I am making!
  3. I'd say, advanced beginner. I have only been crocheting for a few months but I watch a ton of videos and practice trying different things.
  4. I haven't been crocheting for that long so I would say I have about 50 skeins in my stash. I hope to create a large stash eventually!
  5. I personally love it. There are so many pretty colors and prints to choose from. It is very soft and easy to work with and very affordable. It is one of my favorites.
  6. I am totally the same way! If there is a day that I don't crochet I know that I wasn't feeling well or something was going on because it is just part of my daily routine!
  7. I try to mostly buy yarn on sale so I am constantly checking online for good sales! I have bought from yarnspirations, joann's, michaels, hobby lobby and Walmart.
  8. Generally crocheting is my evening hobby, something I do while listening to music or watching a movie or tv. I work 40+ hours a week so on weekdays the evening is the only time I can crochet. On the weekend all bets are off and I crochet whenever I want lol.
  9. I am a very creative person. I love making things and having creative outlets. For me, crocheting is a wonderful way to be creative and to be productive at the same time. I also tend to have a lot of anxiety and the repetition of crocheting is very soothing and meditative for me. It is just a win-win all around!
  10. I knit, cross stitch, and scrapbook! I have always wanted to get into sewing but never have. Someday I would like to learn so that I can make quilts.
  11. I am self-taught! Just learned a few months ago!
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