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  1. I'm excited to be here. Can't believe it's taken me so long to find this forum, but I"m glad I finally did! After taking a year or so off from crocheting I'm trying to tiptoe back in with small projects, and hope to get up the energy to finish a big one that's been sitting there (2nd half of mandala madness I was doing for my mother). It would be a lot easier if the dogs didn't always try to steal my yarn or my projects! I use crochet as sensory relaxation, and I love making gifts for my children and their friends. Down the line I hope to build some skills at making my own patterns, but for now I'm content with having fun trying new stitches, following new patterns, and just having fun. I don't have much time where I can focus solely on a crochet pattern, however, so generally it's nice if I can learn a new sequence and repeat it for a while. I'm tip toeing into American Girl doll clothes though, so we'll see how that goes . . . dum dum dum When making blankets and things my personal favorite is to do blankets that start in the center and work outwards in the round. That way you can run out of yarn whenever you run out and it's not a big crisis if it's too early. NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW! Nice for using up those collections of yarn that you bought for some project, or picked up at a thrift store, but aren't sure if it's exactly right for any project you want to work on right now. can't wait to get to know some of you. Have a great rest of the week!!! Kendra
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