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  1. Hello Im doing a crochet themed treasure hunt, where you make a piece of crochet and it gives you coordinates But instead of just numbers 3 symbols have appeared when the design is made Im looking for help identifying the 3 symbols below, there is one like a downwards arrow, two lines at a 45 degree angle and a sort of a sad smile for want of a better description I have created a spreadsheet to show you what they look like, they are in white ( its a difficult pattern and Im a novice, so getting this far has taken me a day) I have been working from a pattern found here https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC7JANP_pattern-1?guid=65c600cc-7783-428d-875c-097849e20ef4 Are these crochet symbols and how will they change the pattern? Can any experts out there offer some advice please? Laura
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