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  1. looking for the written pattern Unicorn Mandala CAL by Anna Nilsson ravelry sends you to a link (swedish). and then another site. and im goin around in a circle. it says pattern on bottom. i click whatever and cannot get the actual pattern. anyone have it. tx appreciate your help.
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    Dont Know The Buttons To Press

    since i am having a new granddaughter, i was looking for items that members might have made and are selling. of course, i couldnt find that. but someone told me forums, crochetville pattern store. i looked, clicked on a few names & got The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. id love to see the picture and pattern then again i'd also like to know if there are items made by the members for sale. thank you!
  3. i didnt see if there is a place where items can be listed to be sold.thank you and sorry if its righjt in front of me.
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    Pink Plastic Scrubbies

    i made these scrubbies for a fair our senior group had. i made them with tulling or netting.
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    Desperately Seeking

    Red Heart Baby Sport Pompadour Yarn Seashore #1975. not even sure thats the name. its the best i could find. colors are cream, agua, lt & dk blue. thank you
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    Ihave arrived

    hello all! im so glad to find this site. live on long island. have been crocheting on and off for over 25 years.