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  1. That’s why I was so confused. I’ve only used dc2tog to decrease. As I crochet i noticed it was basically a dc cluster.
  2. Hello! I’m Brianna. I’m a mostly self-taught crocheter. I like to think I’m an intermediate level crocheter. I’m also in cosmetology school and love to read. Glad to be here!
  3. Hello. I am trying to crochet a baby blanket using a new pattern. However the pattern says to “ch 1, skip 2 ch, (dc2-tog, ch 1, dc2-tog, ch 1, dc2-tog) all in next ch, ch 1” and I am confused on how to do a dc2tog in the same chain. Would I simply start a dc in the same manner as a dc2tog (yo, insert hook, pull through, yo, pull through two loops) before restarting for the second dc of the dc2tog and then finish it off as normal?
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