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  1. Hi! I'm really new crocheting! Looking forward to learning from all of you! From small town Iowa! Please call me Rose! 🌹
  2. Me, again! Please please please someone respond to this! I really need to know how much more yarn I need! I promise to be more careful next time! :-) (Mattie Cat is the name of the I cat rescued. You can call me Rose if it seems more normal. :-) )
  3. Hello! I'm new to crocheting & stupidly started an afghan without really knowing how big it will be or how many yards of yarn I'll need. I'll give my specifics & if you could PLEASE help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it! Ripple Crochet, all double crochet, "I" hook, Red Heart Super Saver (744 yds) 14 oz/396g, #4 medium weight, 146 chain width, @ 52" X 70" finished (guessing), 16 stitches in 4 inches wide & @ 5 stitches in 4" tall. From the numbers I'm looking at I'll have 108 rows & about a gillion hours of crocheting. HAHAHA! I was hoping to do it all in one color for which I bought 2 of the big skeins of, but in case of emergency I also bought 2 skeins of Red Heart 5 oz/141g #4 medium weight variegated. The pattern is pretty basic: 7 dc, *3 dc, 6 dc, dc3tog* - - - I've got 9 peaks. The goal is to donate this to a silent auction for the nursing home I work for for their Alzheimer's association group. Can someone please help me by telling me about how much yarn I actually need & if possible any other sizing info you can give me. Thanks in advance! I really appreciate it! MattieCat's mom :-)
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