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"I crochet"

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  1. "I crochet"

    Hello from Georgia

    Yes! vintage patterns are so delicate. Thank you all for the welcome.
  2. "I crochet"

    Help with pattern

    Thank you for your reply, this helps a lot.I had done it the way you said up to row 22 but was unsure. Anyway, I unravelled it to start again sure of how it was done.
  3. "I crochet"

    Help with pattern

    Hello everyone, I don't know how to read patterns but I can follow most of it. I don't know where the stitch would go in places like these
  4. "I crochet"

    Hello from Georgia

    Hi everyone, I love to crochet but I am self taught. I love to go to thrift stores and pick up vintage pattern magazines. The oldest I have is from the 40s. After starting on a table topper and unravelling it. I decided to join.