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  1. I have an interchangeable hook kit (middle hook in picture) that I like the handle on but need some independent hooks bc my son has a habit of running away with my hook. I much prefer inline hooks (Susan Bates on the right) but I tend to hold it where the thumb hold/flat part indents my middle finger. I had previously bought the Boye hook (left, different size) & like where the handle sits. My question is: does anybody know of an inline hook with the handle/grip like the Boye? Or how to make something similar for my Susan Bates? (Have to note the Susan Bates with the handles have the flat part & the handle starts after the thumb flat part not before like the Boye.)
  2. I actually use the pencil hold. (Had to look it up) There are 2 different handles & I don’t like the knife hold handle. I use the one on the left in the picture.
  3. Hi. I just joined today too! My oldest is from the late 60s
  4. I have a Provo Craft interchangeable crochet hook kit & love it. Having said that I lost the handle & my G hook the other day & just found it today in a deep part of my couch. Needless to say I was freaking out, though I did realize that it’s an inline hook & I found I really don’t like tapered hooks. I think I like Susan Bates though I can’t find the 1 I know I have somewhere in the house (we moved recently so things are still disorganized). So my questions are: what inline hooks do you like? & do you have a way to make them ergonomical or padded somehow?
  5. My great grandmother taught me the basics of knitting when I was about 10, then when I was 18 & moved in with my grandparents my grandmother gave me a set of crafting encyclopedias from the ‘60 or ‘70 where I learned to crochet. I then went to visit an aunt a couple years later who helped me refine my skills & make my work more uniform (still before internet). But I’d have to say the internet & YouTube have helped a lot when I started new techniques.
  6. I didn’t know there was a crochet forum! I knew about knitting but didn’t think to look until I started a project & wanted to talk about a certain type of hook & didn’t know where to go. So here I am introducing myself. I'm 38 & have been crocheting (& knitting) for 20 years now (didn’t realize it was that long until I wrote that). I taught myself from a set of craft encyclopedias that my mom had growing up that my grandmother gave me when I moved in with her after high school (Golden Hands encyclopedia). I've found that I really line in-line hooks but have found them difficult to find. I knit & crochet lots of smaller items because I get bored easily with doing the same thing over & over. i look forward to reading the tips & hints on here.
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