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    I am a student who likes to take a break sometimes and crochet.
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    Crochet, reading, walking
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    The finer the thread the better! I love old-fashioned doilies and scarfs.
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    started when I was in my teens
  1. WOW! You actually invented the design, too? That is great, I love it!
  2. Absolutely beautiful! Maybe a small cross would look good in her hands?
  3. Well, it's a long time since my last visit to the ville - now it's time for my first show-and-tell! (Got a camera at last.) This is a doily I made some months ago, #80 ecru thread, 0.6 needle. The pattern was a bit complicated, but patience won at last!
  4. Hi All, my attention deficit disorder is pretty much like you say - right now, I am writing a serious-looking stuff for grad school, keeping a ball of thread with a semi-finished doily and a hook near my hand... keep taking it up only to put it down guiltily in a few minutes... BUT I JUST HAVE TO KEEP MY HANDS BUSY with sg funnier than typing, otherwise my brain would just blow up!! so here's to crochet, safe haven for my deranged mind...!
  5. Whatever takes your mind off mindless munching is good. Crochet is a stress-buster, and stress is a great cause of munching, so in an indirect way, crocheting does help you lose weight. (Greta exercise for the hands, too... not that it would ever count as a targeted exercise or sg!)
  6. Lucky you! Now make sg for him of that yarn, he deserves it.
  7. Hello! I'm another thread enthusiast, a junior neighbour only, but I have found tons and tons of ideas and much inspiration here! Hope you will enjoy the site as much as myself.
  8. That's beautiful!! And thank you ever so much for the pattern!!
  9. Hi again, for blocking, check out this post from a super-helpful villager: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=37806&highlight=snowflake Blocking guides for snowflakes and doilies. Superb, makes blocking ever so easy.
  10. Thank you, Brae, that's very good to know!! I'm back in Hungary now, but I will check out these in January. Thanks again!
  11. I think this is absolutely fine, a very pretty beginning! Just pay attention to gauge - as a beginner, I used to make the first rows of my doilies much too tight, so they ended up looking like caps. Yours look flat, so you're better at it than I used to be... Good start!! The other secret is the size of the needle - did I see it right that you were using a #20 thread? I use 0.75 needle for that (European size), but you may be more comfortable with a bigger needle. Have fun, all throughout this happy Christmas season and after!
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