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  1. Ahhh, so do the chain as long as I want and then just keep going until it’s square? That I can manage lol 😊 thanks!
  2. So the chain length is what would be the narrower part in this pattern? (Apologies, I’m only just learning how to follow patterns) i assumed it would be as simple as matching the amount of rows to the chain length to make a square but didn’t want to do something wrong. thanks granny square
  3. http://rescuedpawdesigns.com/2016/11/09/granite-crochet-throw-blanket/ this link may may be better!
  4. https://pin.it/rj5seiswbdslz5 i hope this works? Pattern is towards the end of the pin. im happy with the 2.4m, I’d be happy with 2.4x2.4 or 2.4x2 that kinda thing, just think that under a mtr wide isn’t really a blanket...
  5. It’s on pinterest... I’ll try and link it...
  6. My nan taught me basic crochet when I was 11 I’d say, also to knit basic stitches. im 33 this year and expecting my first baby so decided to take it up again; with the help of this forum I’ve crocheted a bunny rabbit for my sadly stillborn nephew and am about to make a large blanket for me and my baby when he arrives. i didn’t even realise when my nan taught me that there were patterns available in crochet, so was an eye opener when I bought a “simple” kit to make the rabbit, which included dc, Tunisian stitch, bobble stitch and dc using only the back part of the stitch. But I was
  7. Me again! Everyone was so helpful when I was making my bunny that I am back here again to ask for your help :-) im about to start a simple blanket, but the pattern will make a 2.4m x .8m blanket. I’d like it to be square. my question is, as it’s done in single crochet, with a chain of 50 and has just short of 100rows, is it as simple as doubling my chain length to 100 to make the chain length similar to the amount of rows? And if so, do I use double the yarn yardage or only 50% more? Thankyou in advance :-)
  8. Thankyou, yes that’s how I was doing it, but I’m now confused about the actual pattern reading then, what has the actual number got to do with increases? For example the 4dc?
  9. Actually I’m confused lol... I’ve ubdone it and gone back to round 20, decreasing six stitches... from 36 to 30. *dec, 4dc repeat from * to end(30sts) based on what you’ve said(or rather how I’ve “understood” it lol), I would do 4 dc decreases in that round... but that would make an 8 stitch decrease in total? If each decrease in dc counts as 2....? my brain is broken lol....
  10. Hi, me again! After people were so helpful yesterday on my increased I thought I’d ask about decreases today. pattern reads: *dec, 3dc, repeat from * to end (24sts) so I know I’m decreasing from 30stitches to 24, so a decrease of 6. However, I seem to be decreasing much more rapidly... I have read the pattern as: decrease to start, then 3 stitches, followed by another decrease. But this then decreases the round by 10 and not 6.... what am I doing wrong? Am I doing my actual decrease stitch wrong, or am I doing the decrease too soon? see picture for pattern, I’m on ro
  11. Ahhh, think I’ve sussed it! Thankyou so much magiccrochetfan! x
  12. Thanks for the welcome and the advice :-) it’s made more questions though lol. so first stitch makes and increase - how? How many stitches do I do in that first stitch? This is where I went wrong on the body, as I crammed 4dc into it, which distorted shape. So the bit where it says 4Dc means I do an increase then the next 4 are singles, then I presume another increase? Sorry I tried looking on YouTube etc but couldn’t find what I was looking for, then came across this forum :-) thanks again!
  13. Hi, I’m new to this and New to crochet with patterns. I’m making a bunny for my nephews funeral so want to get this right. However, I’m stuck! I’m stitching double stitches in the round, and I’m fine with the pattern increases when it’s 2dc or less, but I’m not sure how to interpret it. I’m currently on round 8(finishing with 30sts), about to start round 9. But I’ve already done this on the body and this is where it started to lose shape so thought I would ask! most rows increase by 6, but it’s the bit that follows that confuses me, if some one can translate this to English for a begi
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