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  1. Thanks. I'm doing ok so far. Using the tutorials online if need be. Seems to be ok at
  2. Thanks for your response. Yes I am in the UK and the lion is the one I am working on albeit over here it's a different brand. I have started it without any trials. I must have started and restarted for 4 hours last night. Never been one to give in on something!! This pattern is for beginners so let's see!!!
  3. So I have bought TOFT Rufus the Lion. Never done Crochet before and OMG! I watched the videos last night again and again and again! .... after 4 hours I managed to get Rnd 2 done! What a stress. Goodness knows if I am doing it right.....we will soon find out. Guaranteed I will be on here for help! UPDATE: completed my first one! Not perfect I know (it makes it quirky) but not bad for a first timer (if I do say so myself)....with the help of a couple of videos.
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