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  1. Hello, I'm new to the world of crochet and have much to learn. I'm a 64 year old man living in the state of Washington in the small town of Ridgefield. For those of you who geography challenged Ridgefield is a tiny town located about 25 miles north of Portland Oregon. It's a quiet town and a great place to live and raise a family. I've been blessed with a wonderful wife of 43 years along with two beautiful children, both adults and doing very well. Or only daughter had blessed us with two grandchildren who we spoil without shame. I worked for 39 years in the financial services industry until a stroke 17 years ago forced me into semi-retirement. I tried to return to work full time after the stroke but it was just not to be. The stroke left me with little use of my left side. I did regain the ability to walk but with a very unsteady gait. If that was not enough the stroke left me with a server sleep disorder now known as central apnea. Unfortunately type of Apnea can't be treated with C-PAP equipment so I'm never able to get restful sleep. This of course causes extreme fatigue for which no amount of rest can ever alleviate. So I get to have brain fog 24/7 every day of the year. It was the fatigue that forced my semi-retirement. Having caught up on much of what I've wanted to read I decided it was time to find a new activity. Having a lifelong friend whose father was talented with a crochet hook forty years ago when men just didn't crochet left me think of crochet Knitting came to mind but that requires two needles and my left hand is basically useless. I can use my left arm to hold something against my chest and abdomen, so after looking around on the internet it looked like maybe I could crochet with using just my good hand. So far. I seen able to do just fine. I have so many questions but that's why I went looking for a plawe like crochet ville. You see, I'm the kind of person that needs things explained to fully. I have this innate need to know how things in this world work. No doubt that's why I have so many questions about crochet, like, what's the half in the half crochet stich? If it's half of something what is half of? Haven't found the answer to that one in any of the crochet books I've read I'm rather certain I'll find the answer to this question here and no doubt will have some fun while getting to know all of you. Best regards, Ridgemart AKA: Marty
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