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  1. Boy Krystal! After all this work you deserve a vacation! The afghan looks beautiful. I only get to look here in between shifts, so I feel I miss a lot. Good job & thanks for all the work you are doing on this project.
  2. Hello Krystal, I know it's not too original but I wasn't real sure what kind of a name to pick out so I just went with Lavenia. So Lavenia is the name you'll see on my posts. I may change it in the future but for now this is it. Are the squares alright?
  3. I mailed my squares today, overnight delivery so you should get them tomorrow. That's what the post office said. I hope I put the card in there to label my squares, I did make one! I could not find the rose variegated yarn so I got a solid rose color. I hope that is okay. I also did some off-white/ecru colored squares. 6 total. Thankyou so much for doing this. I can't wait to see the afghan. I have tried to post this several times so if there are numorous posts forgive me please. My computer is having a bad day!
  4. I'll start mine this weekend too. I'll mail what I do Monday but hope to be able to do more next week. I work nights & can do them then. By label the squares do you mean just to put my name in the pile so you'll know who they're from? Sorry if that sounds dumb.
  5. I'm right handed. I am slow enough with my right hand. I can't imagine trying lefthanded. Might get brave one of these days & try.
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