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    Well I am a kind and helpful person, I love my Son! I love reading, I crochet on my free time, writing poetry, singing karaoke, listening to music all the time, we go for walks on nice days only say hi to our neighbors, my friends say I am fun to have around, I count my friends as family because I got their back that’s why and my family tree is huge lol, I love hugs, bike ride on my spare time too, sing, I know American Sign Language too.
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    Crochet, karaoke, music, bowling, bike ride, clean, cook
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    Home maker
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    Hats, scarves and blankets
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    2000- present
  1. I hope this helps just take some stitches out to make right size good luck 🍀 http://thecrochetcrowd.com/doll-clothes/
  2. Well the local library used to have a knitting group they stopped showing up, if I want to make my own crochet group I have to get permission from Library to have group meetings I hardly have any crochet friends to join to name group together. The church said they take whatever is made they take it donate them to a local hospital for cancer patients (it was on my bucket list for years) 😁. I started on one, then my neighbor asked me to make another baby hat, put cancer scarf down and work on neighbors newborn granddaughter’s baby hat. I watch YouTube videos of mike from crochet crowd he is my favorite person of course my two favorite places to get yarn is Joanns or Micheals’s . Hobby lobby well they were rude to other customers and Walmart doesn’t have enough choices no offense I know I am picky I am sure I am not ge only one 😉 you take care all have a great day. I found this pattern for her so going to make it.
  3. Hello I just signed up I been trying to find some good friends that crochet,talk crochet, as a single parent I do the best I can to crochet I signed myself up at a crochet group in my local church but no one still hasn’t set up a meet up place. Sigh I used to sell my crochet projects in 2008-2016 I stopped for an odd reason something was missing I haven’t figured out what yet but now I crochet once in a blue moon I learned how in High School class of 03 so I finally finished my first hardest hello kitty hat pattern a few weeks ago it felt like the pattern was way advanced for me since I am still working on beginner and easy patterns so it turned out really well I was proud of it and my friends daughter was a happy kid 😇 any ways I posted of the projects I got done in 2010,most recent ones are hello kitty hat and a dusty rose butterfly baby hat. I hope to get to know you all meet more crochet pals as I go lots of hugs 🤗.
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